New at Sephora: Prime Style Extender by Living Proof

This just about sums it up!
Prime Style Extender doubles the lifespan of any hair style. And
it does so much more – perfecting strands, enhancing shine, and
keeping hair cleaner longer.” 

I love that the scientists at Living Proof never stops innovating. This time around, they’ve tackled the problem of hairstyles never seeming to last more than a day (And that’s if you’re lucky). You go through the trouble of washing, blow drying, and flat ironing, yet you quickly end up with the same hair you started with before your routine. Living Proof now has the technology to give your styles longer life.
Living Proof’s new miracle molecule, OFPMA protects hair at a molecular level, 
preserving your style, and repelling dirt and oil. Here’s how they’ve identified the 
problem, and how to resolve it…
 “As the hair is heated and dried, temporary hydrogen bonds are formed to “set” the style. As soon as moisture vapor re-enters the hair, it disrupts these temporary, weak hydrogen bonds. Throughout the day, moisture levels in the environment are constantly changing due to the weather, air conditioning or heating indoors, and eventually the weak hydrogen bonds break down, causing the hair style to fail.”

This amazingly thin primer weightlessly perfects any style without silicones or oils! And not only does it work well on it’s own, but you can also use other styling products on top of it to achieve your best style yet. I’ve been able to add this to the routine for my kinky, curly, hair, and it makes it all the work seem worth it. I’ll be continuing to test the product and seeing how far I can push this science.

Find Prime this month at Sephora & QVC for $20

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