Guest Post: Fergie at the Casemate Fall Preview

 And we have another guest post from our new CPW friend and writer, Fergie. 
This time, Fergie recaps her time at the Casemate Fall Preview, Shoes by that 
other Fergie, and also her secret love for hip-hop artist, Common. Enjoy!

 Tonight, while at work, I was sitting at my desk approving projects, rewatching the iPhone 5 Launch, and checking instagram when I got a text. “Doing anything tonight?” My reply, “Nope.” Response, “Be at Best Buy Theatre by 8pm.”. Did I mention this text came in at 7pm. Yep, 7pm. I was still at work, go figure huh?

I quickly applied make up, made sure my skirt was tight and right and high tailed it to Times Square. I still had no idea why I was there. I quickly found out I was there for the Casemate Fall Season Preview.

With the launch of the new iPhone, Casemate introduced their new iPhone 5 cases. You had everything from the abstract, to the wooden, to the eccentric. I loved each case! I loved the fashion show as well. Runway models walked the floor showing off clothing, Casemates and Fergie shoes! I’m a size 7 by the way Fergie! The models looked great, the bar was open, and gift bags were given out at the end of the night.

Things I learned tonight:
I love Casemate! I’m such an advocate for an iPhone case. I’ve seen so many iPhone casualties these days. It’s up there next to gun shot wounds and stabbings. Okay, I know that’s a little far fetched, but you know you need a case for that new iPhone 5! Don’t disrespect the phone by dropping it.

I love Casemate for their presentation and artist collaboration. Not only was Fergie their Brand Ambassador but Common- Common Sense, I Used to Love Her- did a 1.5 hr set of his greatest songs! I love Common! Damn near lost my mind 2 weeks ago when he hit the stage at Made in America!

And Fergie, her triumph over adversity and the fact that we share the same last name (Hey girl, are we cousins?). All the shoes were over 3 inches high, which made a short person (5′) like me, sho damn happy (Kunta voice)!

But what is most important … The new technology (iPhone 5) the boost in the economy (sales are up/website down by 2pm), and the fact that Apple is doing the damn thing to advance technology with all their new processing items on the iPhone 5!

So when it’s all said and done: SeeFergie for CPW had a great time. Fashions were cute, shoes spectacular, Casemate a necessity, and Common … Please call me!!! šŸ˜€

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