A look inside NYC’s Cosmectic Market – Hauls included

Retail therapy is real. If anyone tells you different, they know nothing about nothing and you should speed walk in the other direction. Even on a budget, its nice to treat yourself to something shiny and new now and then. Everyone likes ripping open a package of (insert thing here) and basking in its NEW-NEW. I’ve discovered the perfect place for this hidden on the streets of Midtown NYC. Behold…Cosmetic Market!

 The offerings change up often, but right now, there is tons of Essie and Calvin Klein makeup.

It’s so easy to get mesmerized in these aisles!

It’s taken me a while to write about this place, because honestly, I’m selfish and didn’t want anyone else to cut into my supply. But I think it’s time to do the right thing and drop this knowledge gem on my readers. This place is packed full of closeout drugstore, department store, and sometimes, private label beauty loot. There’s everything from lipgloss, skincare, nail stuff, body wash, Nair and perfume. Some of which is actually in stores at full retail price now. And if you go to the back, there’s also a strangely attractive stash of kitchen things and IMPORTED CHOCOLATE. It makes no sense, but just go with it.

 Perfume and chocolate…

  Home stuff and Fashion Fair (Pre Sam Fine)

I always take Cosmetics Market as an opportunity to try a new color that I’m suspicious of, or pay my respects to discontinued items I thought I’d never see again. Buyer be ware though. Some of this stuff is old. Like – came out when i was in middle school- type of old. But I’m sure you beauty mavens no gold when you see it. Happy hunting!
Here are items from my recent hauls:

Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Pink-A-Dot and Lancome Gloss Focus
Pupa Multiplay liner in 02 and Korres eyeshadow in Brun

The 02 multiplay is a rich blue/green that goes on super smooth. Brun gives a subtle color to darker skin.       Great for a toned down smokey eye or a low key makeup day.

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