Jimmy Crystal and Swarovski Elements Illuminated Elegance Event

Jimmy Crystal New York, known for impressive swarovski crystalized creations since 
1991, held the eclectic Illuminated Elegance: An Evening of Fashion event in NYC. 
Jimmy Crystal celebrated the newest collections surrounded by other gorgeous 
crystal curiosities.
Live music, refreshments and a lively guest list served as the backdrop for the 
collections from Jimmy Crystal designers Cassi Lin, Arielle Mason, Wendy Chen, 
and Lene Lin. Each captivating in their own right, their pieces utilized the crystals 
in unique ways.

Firefly Collection By Cassi Lin

The design and concept of this collection is right up my alley.
Beautiful deep indigo paired with neon yellow and orange make
for a statement piece that still maintains an elegant nature.

Metropolis Collection by Wendy Chen

The Metropolis Collection speaks luxury with its bold presence.

Miracle Collection by Lene Lin

The Mircale Collection seems fit for both a fairy princess or ice princess.
Tribeca Collection by Wendy Chen

The picture of modern elegance, the Tribeca Collection can be paired with 
something casual or with a dressier ensemble if the mood strikes.

Monaco Collection by Arielle Mason

The drama of the playful Monaco Collection brings you to vegas or the cabaret. Your choice.

A few other eye-catchers from the Jimmy Crystal showroom:

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