Cold Weather Skin Prep From AMOREPACIFIC

 The rumors are true. Cold weather is out to get you and your skin, and now is the time to prep yourself for all out seasonal war. Between frigid temps and harsh furnace heat (thanks NYC) your skin could be in danger of reaching major turkey jerky status very soon. My current plan of attack? A few new products from AMOREPACIFIC.

I’ve been using a few products from the line lately, and my skin has been thanking me for it over and over. What makes AMOREPACIFIC so special is that isn’t diluted with distilled water, like many popular skincare brands. Their luxury products contain only precious Asian botanicals delivered through cutting edge science. Here are some of the products I’ve been using and how they can help you beat the Winter skin blues.
Advanced Time Response Intensive Skin Renewal Ampoules
If you want to really kick start your routine, try starting out with the Advanced Time Response Intensive Skin Renewal Ampoules. It’s a long name, but you’ve probably spent a long summer soaking up the sun and pretending like free radicals and UVB rays don’t exist. These ampoules contain an intense concentration of EGCG and Green Tea Saponin extracted from green tea that AMOREPACIFIC grows in their private green tea fields (pretty amazing right?). The result is antioxidants that are 200 times more powerful than Vitamin E, helping to promote collagen synthesis and increase the thickness of the epidermis. 
Take that sun damage!
Brightening Serum and Luminous Effect Brightening Masque
These next products are really important for me, since my dark brown skin often suffers from uneven tone. Especially when it gets dry. The AMOREPACIFIC Brightening Serum and Luminous Effects Masque renew skin’s natural brightness by inhibiting melanin production and reducing existing pigmentation for a more radiant look. Also important, it doesn’t attempt to whiten the skin. Only restore its translucent appearance with melanin-blocking active ingredients, providing brighter, even dewier looking skin.
Note: I’ve been experiencing epic bare skin days while using this collection. Even going without concealer for my usually dark under eye area.
Future Response Age Defense Cream
Because of its texture, you can even feel this last product pampering your skin with velvety goodness. The AMOREPACIFIC Future Response Age Defense Cream is your skin’s daily defense against aging, giving you 360 degree approach to shield your skin from mother nature’s harshest assaults (UVB rays, cigarettes, ozone, etc.). Inside is a powerful blend of Green Tea and Pine Mushroom extracts, and a fusion of 12 Asian botanicals targeting aging triggers. But the greatest innovation is the way these treasures really get into your skin. AMOREPACIFIC created a new delivery system that uses the plant’s own cells, instead of chemicals to encapsulate the botanicals and delivers them to your needy skin. Helping to fight early signs of aging like dryness, dullness, fine lines, and redness. Yes, those little skin issues you thought were just annoying, may actually be your skin’s cry for anti-aging help!
If you’re ready to put a stop to leathery winter skin, look for these AMOREPACIFIC products at select Sephora and Neiman Marcus stores, and at Bergdoff Goodman.
*Samples were provided by the company for evaluation. All opinions are my own.

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