Completely Bare Wax Strip Kit Review

The hairless angels have shone upon us! For those with unwanted hair on their chinny chins or upper lippy lips, there is salvation. And it comes to us from Completely Bare. I thought long and hard about what pictures to share from this review, but I decided to not go the TMI route and just show you what’s in the box. You’re welcome.
I picked up this product without the intention of reviewing it. I just want wanted to find a better way to get the fur off my face every few weeks. For years I’ve been using another brand of wax strips, and they’ve been ok. Not the greatest, but better than the other over the counter options I’ve experimented with. Completely Bare came to fame as the go to place to get your nether regions smooth as a baby’s butt (And maybe get them Vajazzled). Started by Cindy Barshop, Completely Bare utilizes a proprietary Ouch-Less Wax that removes hair without sticking to skin. 

I’d always been curious about this so called Ouch-Less Wax. I mean who are we kidding here. But when Completely Bare introduced a home line at my favorite drugstore, CVS, I decided to take the plunge. I brought home a kit and went to town on the fuzz.

The Result: I used the strips on my chin and upper lip and the results were beautiful! While I would usually have to spend time plucking the hairs that weren’t removed with my old wax strip brand, this wax left barely anything behind. It stings less when removing, and because it doesn’t stick to your skin and remove the top layer like other wax strips can, I didn’t have to douse my face with baby powder as a precaution anymore. The wax feels completely different than any other I have tried. Almost latex or silicone like.

The Deets: Completely Bare wax strips are hypo-allergenic. The kit Includes: 42 wax strips in total: 12 body strips; 18 bikini/underarm strips; 12 face strips; 6 completely off towelettes. Note that when you open the box, it looks like half that amount, but once you pull apart a strip, you then have two strips. You can always cut down the strips if facial use is all you desire. I have not tried it on the bikini area, but the home line also has Bikini & Body, and Sensitive wax kits, along with products to fight bumps and slow hair growth.

The Verdict: I’m pretty in love with this stuff and tell people whenever I find any sort of reason. It removes hair cleanly, and although not completely painless, it feels much more gentle than average wax strip kits. If you’re furry and you know it, you owe it to yourself to give this line a try.

*I purchased this product myself and all opinions are my own.

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