007 Skyfall Inspired look Featuring imPRESSNails

Let’s just be honest. This mani is only loosely inspired by the new 007 SKYFALL movie. The real reason I’m doing a Skyfall inspired nail look is because I enjoy seeing Daniel Craig in a suit. My word. But the nails are pretty swank too. 
Because my imPRESS nails were doing such a great job of looking great and staying on, I decided to screw with them a little bit and and a few things. I’m a fan of using glitter polish in some ways, but removing it can be a royal pain. Then i realized imPRESS nails were the perfect way to play with glitter and nail art, without dealing with the removal mess later. 

This look was done in two stages, the first doesn’t go with the SKYFALL poster at all, but it was more of an interpretive version. The darkness of night and the beauty of the stars falling upon a vibrant city of fuschia. I have a B.F.A. so don’t mind my artsy fartsy description. The base nail is imPRESS in Glisten up. To add the rest, i roughed up the tops of my nail and added Color club in Insta-This, in an imperfect fashion. On top of that, I added Essie Luxe Effects in Set in Stone. I like the outcome and wore it for a day or so, then decided I needed to go darker for 007.

Next I added OPI in Ink to the bottom half of the nail and reapplied a little Luxe Effects on top to blend the two colors. I didn’t rough up the surface this time though, so I believe that’s why it came out a bit sheer. No worries though. I think it gave it an interesting cosmic effect. I wonder if Mr. Craig would approve?

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