imPRESS Press On Manicure Review

 I admit it took me quite a while to try the imPRESS press on nails by Broadway Nails. I’m a child of the 80’s so  when i heard press on, I got flashbacks of Lee Press-On nails and smelling Debbie Gibson’s Electric Youth in the Kmart fragrance aisle. That stuff was amazing by the way. Now that I finally took the imPRESS plunge, I have to admit, I’m pretty smitten and not at all haunted by the demons from the 80’s version.

Glisten up proved to be an attention getting color
I tried out this lovely color, Glisten Up. It’s a pretty, near fuschia, pink that got lots of compliments. The nails give off that just-manicured shine that you want to last for days. And it did. Here are a few pros and cons to imPRESS

The shine is ridiculous and lasting
  • This particular color, Glisten up, is gorgeous. I had people compliment the color and even ask where they could get it. I wore it with some of my more Fall flavored clothing colors, and it gave an extra bit of pop to my outfit. 
  • The shine lasts until you remove them, which makes your mani look like a fresh salon job at all times. 
  • The adhesive that comes pre-applied to the imPRESS nails is a vast improvement over the old days. It’s enough to keep these nails on until you remove them, yet its easy to remove when you’re done. Don’t push them too far though. 
  • I never had a nail fall off, but the edges did start to left before a weeks time which caused some snags with my hair. 
  • If you want to play with nail art on top of these nails, I’ve found that’s pretty easy to do too. Here’s a look at my experiment with that
  • I also liked that the length was not too long.
  • It has no odor. Nail strips that use real nail polish still give off a smell that may not make them a good option for close quarters such as planes or subway trains. Hey, sometimes you have to do things on the run.
  • While I liked that the nail lengths weren’t too long I did wish that some nails (like the thumb) were a bit longer. I had to cut down a few before applying, and likely should have chopped them a bit lower. 
  • The nail sizes were also hard to mix up and most are loose in the packaging. That makes it easy to lose track of what’s what. 
  • Another gripe is that currently, the colors are a bit limited and the designs are not as modern as I’d like to wear. Hopefully they’ll expand the selection in the future.
Overall, I’d definitely use imPRESS again and would like to try more colors. If you need to get the look of a perfect manicure fast, with no odor, this may be your best bet. Just make sure you follow the instructions and use the included prep pad.
Whoops! should have chosen a better size here

The thumb is pretty short in my opinion

Nails need to be quite short so that they don’t extend beyond the falsies

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