DIYnot: Gold Polka Dot Toe Caps Spice Up Plain Flats

My feet don’t usually get along with flats. They usually hate them with a passion. So when I find a pair (courtesy with my mother’s obsession with Coldwater Creek) that are actually comfortable, I really really want them to work. So there I am trying to make a pair of square toed camel flats be my faves, but alas, they are not. 
I realized the thing standing in between me and shoe love was that darn square toe. Now I have no intention of fully embracing the pointy toe trend. The fashionista judges out there can bite me. But I do like something more flattering to my foot. Way back when I was an art student, I learned that you could use shapes to camouflage other shapes. So I set on a quest to hide that boxy toe with pretty polka dots. Here’s how you can get the look too.

Here’s what you’ll need:

1. A pair of potentially awesome flats
2. Kryolan 18k Gold leafing pen. You can get this at Michael’s or something.
3. Clear Hole Reinforcement Labels. I really meant to get the white ones, but the clear version got the job done for me.

Step 1: Decide where you want your toe cap to start and begin overlaying the labels so that all holes are free and unobstructed. This will give you pretty even spacing. It gets a little tricky when you get to the front, but stay calm.

Step 2: Fill in each hole gently with the gold leafing pen. Follow the directions on the pen and be sure to give it a few wipes on a piece of scratch paper before applying to the shoe. If it’s too liquidy, there’s more of a chance that it will seep under the little labels.

Step 3: Let it dry. Seriously. Let the darn thing dry. Don’t futz with it for about 24 hours to be sure.

Step 4: Gently peel the labels from the shoe and voila! A shoe makeover that puts a cute, modern twist on a pair of ordinary shoes. Like when they take the glasse
s off a pretty girl in one of those teen movies and everyone’s like OMG she’s not ugly now. Yeah. It’s just like that.

Now after this last step, I’ve considered sealing the deal with Mod Podge, but quite frankly I’m afraid of ruining the awesomeness I’ve created. I may experiment on a lesser shoe to see if this will, in fact, work and give the dots more longevity. You can do whatever feels right, but no promises after Step 4. Enjoy!

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