Moo Luxe Business Card Review

Even the packaging is Luxe
After I decided to redesign the CPW logo, I also decided I needed new fancy cards. But in addition to my everyday cars, I wanted something with a little more POP. And it just so happens Moo.com has the perfect product for that. Moo’s Luxe Cards are 32pt thick, cards with a lucious weight and texture. 3x as thick as regular cards, Luxe cards are perfect for when you really want to make an impression. You may design your own or choose one of their well designed templates.
The cards come nicely stacked in sturdy packaging.

Perfect print quality and Mohawk Superfine Paper texture that makes the cards 
just feel special.

You may choose to have a layer of color in your cards instead of just white. Blue, Red, and Black are the choices available. I chose black to go with my black & white barcode theme. I highly recommend these cards if you need to hand out something memorable. A box of 50 is $34.99, so you may want to go easy on passing these out, depending on your budget. Higher quantity orders get a bit of a discount. If you’re interested in trying Moo Luxe cards or any other Moo products, please use this referral link. This company really delivers on quality and it’s worth every penny.

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