Kate Young X Target 4/14/13: My Top Picks

This Sunday, April 14th, marks the launch of another designer collaboration at my favorite place, Target. Switching things up a little, Kate Young is more of a stylist rather than the well known designers Target usually courts. Her lesser known name may mean less people may swoon initially, but don’t let that stop you from checking out these Hollywood stylist approved looks. Here are my personally picks and possible must haves from the collection:
Beaded Dress in Yellow, $59.99 (pictured above)
This happy dress first caught my eye first and drew me to the collection. 
It’s bright yellow hue and detailed beading, give this sheath a sophisticated and 
fun edge. Here’s hoping that the models mile long legs are the reason why the length 
looks so short in the photo.

Bodysuit in Black Polka Dot Print, $29.99 Satin Blazer in Cream, $49.99
 This is a really smart blazer that could work well with an infinite number of looks. 
And what are these bodysuits made of? I’m dying to know! they seem like they could make for daring and bold additions to your wardrobe. 

Satin Blazer in Black, $49.99
 Another blazer I have my eye on. If it’s made entirely made of satin, I may have second thoughts. All satin is a lot less versatile in my humble opinion. 
The cut seems really flattering and if it is, I’d like to live in it if possible.
Bodysuit in Black Star Print, $29.99 Satin Blazer in Black, $49.99

Another curious bodysuit. Is it sheer?
 Is that a boob they’ve photoshopped out? 
I must know!
Peplum Dress in Black/Navy with Belt, $69.99
 Honestly, I debated including this dress. I initially thought it was a top and skirt, 
which would have made me very happy since I love the peplum top. 
The bottom part of the dress is meh for me.
Cuff in Black/Gold, $29.99
How hot is this cuff? Do I see hints of House of Harlow?
Star Earrings in Silver $14.99 Star Earrings in Gold $14.99
 Same for these earrings. Sickening.
Flame Pumps in Red, $39.99** Flame Pumps in Black, $39.99** ** exclusive
 You know these are #hotness right? These sleek pumps are given just the right amount of edge with their cut out “flames” Of course you need them.

How does it compare to other Target collabs?

Price- I definitely notice the prices here are bit higher than recent collaboration items. Dresses topped out at $59.99 for the Prabal Gurung collection, white Kate’s collection reaches $89.99 (Marchesa girls’ dresses from NMxT anyone?).  Hopefully we can anticipate an increased level of quality for that price range. 

Jewelry- The jewelry styling here is the best I’ve seen from Target collaborations. The cuff and star earrings have a House of Harlow feel to them, which is right up my alley. Really looking forward to checking them out.

Selection/Style- The silhouette of these pieces seems to detour from the usual Target collab system of Dresses, sweatshirt, cardigan, casual/low priced add-ons. Even the items that act as basics for the line, like those intriguing bodysuits, seems to have a little more thought behind them.

I’m excited to try these looks out for myself on Sunday. I’ll be trying my best to document my finds. I think my selections work best for my curvy body type. Disagree? Let me know what you’re must have pieces are.

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