Experience the Paranormal: Illamasqua Summer 2013 Collection

Normal is overrated. If you’re looking to make give your summer look an extraordinary flair, take a gander at Illamsqua’s new collection for Summer 2013 – Paranormal. These vivid hues and alluring textures have the ability to create an unexplainable other worldly aura.
Paranormal UV Nail Varnish limited edition $17
These vivid shades and UV topcoat combine haunting color and also glow under 
UV light for a alternate effect not visible to the naked eye.

These looks designed by nail artist Fleury Rose take on an even more mystical effect under UV light.

Paranormal Palette $46.50
The unexpected textures of this palette give a unique silky, water resistant finish
that blends like a dream. Apply it sheer or heavier for something more dramatic. 
These shadows have an almost putty like feel that’s pretty fun to play with just using your fingers.

(Clockwise from left) 
Paranormal – Vivid Cerise
Aura – Warm Copper
Posession – Cool Green
Trance – Soft Violet

Gleam in Supernatural $26
That glow you can’t quite put your finger on can be had with this palette.
This golden iridescent color will lift, highlight and create an ethereal effect
on the skin. Darker skinned ladies will love this too.

Precision Ink in Scribe (pure white) $27 is also available to compliment the rest of the collection.

All items are available now in Sephora stores, at

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