How I’m saving my sweaters with Lilly Brush

It’s that time of year when you couldn’t care less about a sweater.  But before you put all your sweaters in that drawer far far away, treat them to a Lilly Brush. This portable little wand removes those annoying little pills from natural fabrics like wool, cotton, cashmere, hemp, angora, and my personal favorite, alpaca. Side note: Alpacas are absolutely adorable in person.

All you need to do is use a little pressure and sweep over your beloved fabrics. Think of all the abandoned sweaters Lilly Brush can save. Thrift stores, here we come.
Exhibit A: My alpaca wool blend J.Crew Bling Button Cardigan

Before Lily Brush
After Lily Brush. Look, ma, no pills!

If you want your precious sweaters to be in tip top shape next time you need them, put them away in style with Lilly Brush. Click here to get your own Lilly Brush and show your clothes you really care. 

*Product provided by Lilly Brush via ifabbo

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