When keeping it real goes right: Just Wink greeting cards

I’ve said it time and time again; greeting cards seem to be getting worse these days. They’re stale, irrelevant, corny, and just don’t reflect my random, sometimes silly and naughty, personality. That’s until I discovered Just Wink cards in a local Kmart. I can’t say I’ve ever spent 30 minutes looking at greeting cards just for fun, but with gems like “Happy birthday, Slut”, how can you stop opening up these crazy cards.

 I admit, they may not be for everyone’s taste. They range from raunchy to cutesy and I love all the degrees. They also have online cards and the option to send physical cards from their website. I just want to say THANK YOU to American Greetings for creating a line that speaks to the other half. Who that other half is, I don’t know.

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