It’s here! My first RocksBox shipment overview

Necklace: Viento Stilla Polished Pendant in Ruthenium
Earrings: Serefina Crystal Dagger Studs in Aqua
Ring: Samantha Wills Concordia Jade Ring

My 6 month subscription to RocksBox, courtesy of ifabbo, has finally started! This subscription service is unique because it’s all about the baubles. For $19.99 per month, you get a set of 3 pieces of jewelry mailed to you. You wear them and try them out for up to 60 days. Whenever you’re ready to try a new set, just send back the old set in the included postage paid envelope. 

I love that RocksBox lets me indulge in my jewelry fetish without taking up precious space in my permanent collection and whenever I get the itch, I can change up the selection. Before beginning your subscription,  you take a style quiz to determine what kinds of pieces would fit you best. I have to say, they did pretty good for the first round. I was a bit surprised to see a ring included, but it’s adjustable. There is a space on your profile to select ring size, so Im curious how that will pan out in the future. True to form, I’m already getting the itch, but I’ll wear these pieces for a bit longer. 
Can’t wait to see what I get next!

Most worn piece:

Concordia Jade Ring. Witchy!

If you’d like to try out RocksBox for youself, please click on my referral link here. Enjoy!

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