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Craft a Cleaner Cocktail with FAIR Quinoa Vodka

On the journey to cleaner eating, you’ll discover some great things.
Cooking differently, shopping smarter, and being more creative are just a few.
But what does one do when they want to stay focused and healthy, but really just
need a stiff drink for goodness sake!
Well, now there’s FAIR. FAIR. is a new brand of unique craft spirits and is distilled from,
of all things, quinoa. Yes, They’ve taken that super protein that’s been kicking butt in the
culinary world, and turned it into a super smooth, prize winning, 80 proof vodka. As the only
Quinoa-based vodka on the market, it is also organic, Gluten-free and single distilled to
maintain it’s rich and complex flavor profile.
Besides being heralded for its taste, FAIR. is also notable for it’s commitment
to fair trade. Better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability, and fair terms of
trade for farmers and workers in the developing world are all part of that mission. The quinoa
that is used to produce FAIR. is Fair Trade Certified and sourced from Bolivia, providing
opportunities for not only the farmers from which it is purchased, but also the surrounding community.
With it’s beautifully designed packaging, smooth taste, and commitment to fair trade,
what’s not to love? FAIR. is poised to become my new go to vodka and I’m looking
forward making it the centerpiece of my next vodka soda or French martini.
If you’re really looking fora a treat, try this delicious cocktail recipe:



2 oz FAIR Vodka


Splash of Sanpelegrino Blood orange water


Lime zeste on top