Pretty Curves: Curvy Kate Lingerie Review

As a girl who’s busomly blessed (I just made that up) I’m always on the search for underthings that can do the job. It can be a feat to find bras in more generous size ranges that don’t scream BIG BOOBIE BRA! Am I right? Well if you’re like me, and wear a size D-K, The lingerie collections from Curvy Kate are a must see.

The Curvy Kate Princess set
I’ve written about Curvy Kate’s cute and flirty options and their Star in a Bra contest in the past, but this is the first time I’ve gotten to experience the goods myself. CK invited me to try out a bra and panty set for myself, and, of course, I took them up on the offer! My choice: Their Princess set in a gorgeous orchid/purple shade.

Details make the difference with Curvy Kate

My Thoughts: What struck me right away was the amount of attention to detail and quality that went into the set. It is constructed well, with ample straps and a three hook closure, fit to provide substantial support. But just as importantly, the little flourishes, like ribbon detailing, soft mesh, and velvet polka dots, add a sense of feminine fun. Because curvy girls do have more fun don’t they?

Don’t let your fabulous look end with what’s underneath the outfit. For any ladies sporting D-K sizes, the full Curvy Kate line is a must see. Check out to see where you can get these pretty things for yourself.

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