5 products to keep your eating clean in 2014

It’s the last day of January, and for some folks the end of those super aspirational resolutions. Yes it’s really hard to eat right and exercise, but don’t give up! For a while now, I’ve been working to exclude grains, sugar, and high carb/starch foods from my eating plan, and it’s been quite a challenge at times. So if you’ve been on the clean eating train and could use a little help staying on track, I’ve done the research for you! Here are 5 products to help keep you focused and feeling fab.

1. Spree drinks

Of course we should all drink tons of water, but we all like some flavor now and then.
Spree by Lacroix beverages contain zero calories, No artificial sweeteners, No GMO ingredients, and are naturally sweetened with stevia. If you’ve had nasty after taste experiences in the past with stevia sweetened beverages you won’t get any of that mess here. These flavors are fresh, flavorful, and won’t have you craving sweets later. (Tip: Use Spree as a mixer with your favorite booze instead of sugary drinks).
Available exclusively at Target stores.

2. Quest Bar protein bars

When time is tight and blood sugar is low, you might get a bit “hangry”. You’re mad at the world and only a large fry and a gas station honey bun will ease your pain. But, if you have a Quest bar handy, you can hush those cravings and refill your body with protein and fiber. These little bars are great for breakfast, snacking, and any food emergency. Quest Bars contain No gluten, No added sugar, No GMO ingredients, and are packed with high quality protein and only a few active carbs. And if you choose some of my favorite flavors like Strawberry Cheesecake, Lemon Cream, and Cinnamon Roll, you can avoid sucralose as a sweetner. These things are goooood! Available at, Amazon, and local health and nutrition stores.

3. Jay Robb Whey Protein

Protein powder is a great addition to your green smoothies or even for a post workout fix. Just make sure it’s not full of nasty additives and sugar that derail your healthy plans. Jay Robb Whey Protein contains 25 grams of Non-GMO protein isolate, has 0-fat, 0-cholesterol, 0-sugars, and only 1 gram of carbohydrate per 30 gram serving. If it’s not perfection, Jay Robb has come pretty darn close. Available at and local health and nutrition stores.

4. Redmond Real Salt

Poor salt. So tasty and so misunderstood. Contrary to what you may have head, salt can actually be good for you, IF it’s the right kind. And Redmond Real Salt is definitely the right kind. Real Salt is mined from ancient sea beds in the USA, has a flavor unlike regular old table salt, and contains more than 60 trace minerals that do all sorts of great stuff for your body. Visit to get the full scoop and to find where you can by some for yourself.

5. Almond flour

In case you haven’t heard, wheat is on the OUT list these days. What’s in? ALMOND FLOUR! But only because it’s one of the best things ever. You can make cakes, cookies, breads and more with this stuff, and it wont send your blood sugar through the roof, unlike wheat. The Honeyville Farms brand of the good fluffy stuff is known to be one of the most versatile and finely milled varieties out there. If you don’t have a clue about how you can start using almond flour in your kitchen, there are a ton of sources on the web and even some books devoted to the practice.

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