The coolest gadgets at ceweek 2014


As one of Klout’s higher ranking infulencers (horn tooted), I had the opportunity to enjoy 2 whirlwind days of the most innovative consumer electronics on, or coming to, the market.  From iPhone tripods to home surveilance systems, there was some really, really, REALLY, cool stuff. I can’t wait to dig into some individual reviews, but here for now, take a look at the amazing gadgets that you’ll soon be drooling over.

1. Olloclip Lenses

if you find yourself taking more photos with your iPhone or IPad rather than your big fancy camera, you’ll want to upgrade your photography with Olloclip lenses. These pro quality lenses clip on to your iPhone or iPad to enhance your photos. Combo options include Wide-Angle, Fisheye, Macro, Telephoto, and Polarizing lenses. Available for iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 5c, iPad air and iPad mini.

2. Pencil by Fiftythree

This product turned me into a tech groupie at CEWEEK. If that’s even possible. When you see what this slickly designed stylus pen on steroids can do, you may join me in that club. Along with their free companion app Paper, you can be the creator you’ve always wanted to be. Designers, Artists, and Creative types of all sorts can take their ideas to the next level with this tool. Plus, you can get all your big ideas printed in a custom Moleskine notebook when you’re done. I know. Try to breathe. Best used with iPad 3+.


3. Charger Leash

Charger Leash just might the answer to easy-to-lose smartphone charging cords. This well-built cord alarms within seconds when the phone disconnects, so you remember to unplug it from the power source. Great for forgetful minds and other people’s sticky fingers.

4. JBL S400BT Wireless Headphones

Yes, these headphones are easy on the eyes, and comfortable to wear, but where these JBL S400BT headphones excel is crystal clear clarity, full bass, and the ability to control functions like answering calls, controlling volume, and switching songs, all with touch activated sensors located right on the headphones. Pretty slick indeed.

5. Bang & Olufsen BeoVision Avant (And everything else they make)

It’s pretty certain you’ve never seen a TV like this. Every sexy inch of the Bang & Olufsen Beo Vision Avant 55″ Smart TV is crafted to perfection. Double beveled edges, 4 stand options, motorized pivoting, and a disappearing speaker, makes this beauty a next-level device. Even the remote (BeoRemote) is worthy of display. B&O creates some of the most striking speakers and headphones that you’ll ever see, so every item is worth a look.


6. PNY Power Packs

There are a ton of mobile charging options out there, but these PowerPacks from PNY have a certain flair. These sleek devices come in a variety of charge sizes, but they all make mobile charging look good. Especially the L8000, with its elegant looks and soft leather feel. Your gadgets are beautiful, so you might as well charge them in style. Available for purchase via soon.Check site for local retailers.


7. HEOS by Denon

This is a true wireless speaker option for your entire home. Place your HEOS speakers where needed, download their free app, and you can start streaming your favorite music with high-quality sound. Connect up to 32 rooms.


 8. Withings Activite fitness tracker

Tracking your fitness activities is the cool thing to do these days, but Withings has made it way more cool and a lot more sophisticated. Activite is the first fashion-forward activity tracker that marries connected technology with a Swiss-made timepiece. Tracking fitness isn’t just for the gym rats anymore. Available Fall 2014.


9. Voyce wearable technology for dogs

Speaking of fitness tracking, all of us humans are eager to track our health with a wearable device, but what about our furry friends who can’t speak up in ways we can understand? Well Voyce is a new “wellness experience” for your dog that can be tuned to their needs. A mix of gathered info, accessible on the cloud, gives you key indicators to your dog’s health. By late Summer 2014, Voyce will be available in three sizes, with the smallest able to fit a Westie or Beagle. I hear options for smaller dogs (And maybe cats?!) may be available in the future.


10. iStick USB FLash Drive with Apple Lighting Connector (For iPhone or iPad)

This is one of those devices that everyone wishes existed years ago. iStick is the World’s first USB flash drive with an integrated Apple Lightning connector for iPhone and iPad. This means you can FINALLY move data between your computers, iPhones, iPads, and iPods without having to connect to the internet, networks, or clouds. This is long overdue. Visit their Kickstarter page to get more info.


11. Piper video monitoring system

Piper is a tidy little way to keep an eye on things at home while you’re busy doing you. Place piper anywhere you want in your home, and you’ll have access to HD video and two-way sound, smart alerts and recordings when things happen at your home, analytics on your home environment, and even the ability to turn off lights and appliances. And you don’t even have to install a darn thing.


12. Thinkeco’s SmartAC Kit

For those of us who have to settle for window A/C units to cool their living spaces, this is just genius. The smartAC kit lets you control any of your plug-in air conditioners from your smartphone. You can even set up on/off schedules. Crazy simple. Also, check out their products to control just about anything you can plug in from anywhere.

13. Happy Plugs Stockholm

Happy plugs has managed to turn smartphone and tablet accessories into something quite chic. This simple, poppy colored earbuds, cases, and power cords do simply look great doing their job and, as it turns out, sometimes that’s all you need.

14. Audio-technica SonicFuel CKX7 Headphones

Audo-Technica’s CKX7’s bring sport headphones to the audiophile audience. 3 earpiece options for a superb fit, crazy bass, and some pretty impressive noise reduction combine in this sleek profile. Now you don’t have to choose between great sound and a great workout.

15. Pioneer Nex car system

If you ever decide you never want to leave your car, you need this device. The Pioneer Nex system gives you access to music, restaurant reviews and all kinds of other info. How I now pine for my days in a driving city.


15. Foreo Issa Toothbrush

This is definitely something you’ve never seen before. The Issa is the world’s first electric toothbrush with silicone bristles. A more hygenic option than anything else out on the market, Issa’s nonpoorus bristles prevent bacteria buildup for a cleaner dental routine. The devices pulsations remove biofilm more effectively and stimulates blood blow for healthier gums. And the kicker? Unlike other electric toothbrushes, Issa’s brush heads won’t need replacement for a year.


16. Libratone Speakers

These are speakers  you’ll want everyone to see when they walk into your home. Available to pair with a variety of colorful soft coverings, Libratone speakers bring you whole-room sound in impeccable style. Even on the go! Libratone definitely increases the aesthetic appeal to your surroundings.

17. Korus speakers

In case you’re not keen on Bluetooth or Wifi, but still want wireless sound, there’s Korus. Korus uses the same technology as wireless microphones so you can stream crystal clear sound to up to four speakers. Perfect for traveling DJ’s, or just the wannabees.